Looking ahead to the New Year.


We’re still here!

It has certainly been awhile since the last message as we have been hard at work. Creating something new is always a process and we have used the last year to experiment, learn, and focus our efforts towards a fruitful future.

We would like to start by thanking everyone we had the pleasure of working with over the past year. All of the contributions have been invaluable in moving us forward and helping hone the vision of Forgotten. Over these last months we have started development on over half a dozen projects, secured project rights, and and well along on a number of different art tests.

Pushing forward in to the new year we are excited to expand on these efforts and to take a number of projects to the next level. We also are looking forward to announcing a few of them as well as showing off some of the incredible artwork the team has been doing. From all of us here at Forgotten, we wish everyone a Happy New Year and leave you with a taste of exciting things to come!