In Development


Since forming, we have been hard at work developing a number of projects that excite us as creators and meet our desire for stories that convey something below the surface. While we can’t show everything quite yet, are a few projects we’re excited to announce.

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Fenton Forest

Based on a book compilation of short stories by Gordon Beitz, Fenton Forest centers around the stories of three friends living in a rural forest community in the Appalachian Mountains.

As we follow the adventures of Fenton Jr., Boomer, and Rocky we discover a whole cast of character in the community as they learn about family, friendship, and deeper meanings of life.



The Health Monsters represent the extreme results of ignoring of ignoring the basic tenets of healthful living. As each monster is able to overcome the obstacles that have gotten in their way, they are able to turn back in to the children able to live their best life.



The biblical tale of Ruth is re-imagined around the empowering journey of a woman discovering where she belongs in the world and that her self worth is not about circumstances but in who she is. A period tale with a modern twist, Ruth’s adventure will be a fun, exciting, and meaningful story for all ages.

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Planets at war, giant machines, and political intrigue begin the Exile as Daniel and his friends are taken from their home and forced to serve in another world. This space epic thrusts our group of friends into an unknown world where they learn to survive.


More coming soon, stay tuned!